Raw Edges for Moroso: Kenny

Raw Edges for Moroso: Kenny

Raw Edges for Moroso: Kenny

Raw Edges for Moroso: Kenny

Raw Edges for Moroso: Kenny

Raw Edges for Moroso: Kenny

Raw Edges for Moroso: Kenny

Raw Edges for Moroso: Kenny

Raw Edges for Moroso: Kenny

The Kenny chair from Raw Edges plays with the ways of making a chair out of the most basic shapes and materials. Here they use a plain weave woven fabric from Kvadrat, metal mesh and upholstery foam to form the seat that perches atop the simple, oak, four-legged frame. Patterning is made by removing threads from the woven fabric, which also provides opportunities for structural change, most importantly at the sides of the chairs.

From Raw Edges: The warp and woof threads arrangement allowed the pair to unravel and release threads from within the woven fabric, creating a hollow sleeve inside its surface. The designers then placed two layers in different colours on top of each other and re-stitched them together using transparent plastic strip. As a result, a colourful rim had appeared from the other layer, reminiscent of the selvedge that can be found as the hem of raw fabrics. Usually only found decorating the edges of a textile while on the roll, the selvedge is generally cut from the fabric and not part of an end product. In this project Raw Edges is celebrating it, and have used the linear elements of the fabric to dictate the form of an armchair. The fabric is stretched to the structure of the armchair by these newfound “unravelling parts”.

Raw Edges: website Moroso: website via: Dezeen


Tord Boontje for Moroso: Doll Chair

Tord Boontje for Moroso: Doll Chair

Tord Boontje for Moroso: Doll Chair

Tord Boontje for Moroso: Doll Chair

The Doll Chair was designed by Boontje in 2005 with the idea that you could dress / undress your furniture. Seeing it in this “outfit” and in person at the Moroso showroom in Milan gave me a unique opportunity to get up close and personal with the textile, which is actually my favorite part of this design. The burnout technique gives the sheer / opaque effect but what I really love is the sort-of digital approach to the floral design which becomes tangled and then sorts itself out again.  Also the colors, orange-y red with white + gray, are a modern and sophisticated choice for this design.  I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a sheer on a chair before. Things are getting crazy here!

Studio Tord Boontje: website  Moroso: website

Patricia Urquiola for Moroso: Klara

Patricia Urquiola for Moroso: Klara

Patricia Urquiola: website  Moroso: website

Seen on: Dezeen

Trend & Inspiration by designgush: CONSTRUCTION

Trend & Inspiration by designgush: CONSTRUCTION

CONSTRUCTION: Everything looks hand-made.  Details hold us captive.  Materials come together in an unconceivable way.  Technique is imperative.

1. Eléonore Nalet, Serpentine

2. Elisa Strozyk, Accordion Cabinet

3. Patricia Urquiola for Moroso, Antibodi Chaise Longue

4. Ferry Staverman, A Space Odyssey

5. Naoki Kawamoto, Orishiki Clutch Bag

6. Tokujin Yoshioka for Driade, Boing

7. TB & Ajkay, Silk Pleat Lamp

8. Thonet, 214 Knot

9. TB & Ajkay, Spring Desk

designgush is created by Jessica Smarsch

Trend & Inspiration by designgush: FORM

Trend & Inspiration by designgush: FORM

FORM: Shapes envelop space & ignore conventionality.  Lines are elegant & forms are unabashed.  Objects create worlds of imagination.

1. Urban Oasis, Slit Vase

2. Kino Guérin, S Shelf

3. Constance Guisset, Vertigo

4. Patricia Urquiola for Moroso, Volant Sofa

5. Fratelli Boffi, Lui 6

6. Karim Rashid for Council, Careem

7. Patricia Urquiola for Moroso, Silver Lake

8. Oly Studio, Owen Dining Table

designgush is created by Jessica Smarsch

Trend & Inspiration by designgush: MATERIAL

Trend & Inspiration by designgush: MATERIAL

MATERIAL: Natural materials (linen & wool) are finished & constructed in innovative ways.  Leather & animal skins accent and add texture & slickness.  Silver & chain link enhance sophistication.

1. Pepe Heykoop, Leather Lampshades

2. Campana Brothers for Alessi: Peneira Bowls

3. Hudson Furniture Inc: Atlantis 100

4. Python Skin

5. Doshi Levien for Moroso: Paper Planes

6. Jaime Hayon for Gaia & Gino: Grid Vase

7. Omer Arbel for Bocci: 25 Bench

designgush is created by Jessica Smarsch

Doshi Levien for Moroso: Impossible Wood

Doshi Levien for Moroso: Impossible Wood

Doshi Levien for Moroso: Impossible Wood

Doshi Levien: website Moroso: website

Seen on: Dezeen