Trend & Inspiration by designgush: GRAPHIC LINE

Trend & Inspiration by designgush: Graphic Line

GRAPHIC LINE:  The line between different sectors of design blurs so that elements used in two-dimensional design enter the world of objects.  Line is not just decoration but actually becomes the form and that which gives the object shape and significance.  The pieces are fun, playful and clever.

1. David Grass, Not a Box

2. Autoban, Wired King

3. Portia Wells, Slipcover Chair

4. Daniel Martinez & Jérémy Murier, Cross Seating

5. Martín Azúa, Unión Suiza Vases

6. Alessandra Baldereschi for Skitsch, FildeFer

7. Nendo, Thin Black Lines

8. Nathan Yong, Drapery

9. Plumen, Designer Energy Saving Light Bulb

designgush is created by Jessica Smarsch


Martín Azúa: Unión Suiza Vases

Martín Azúa: Unión Suiza Vases

Martín Azúa: Unión Suiza Vases

I saw these great vases while I was doing some blog-surfing myself and love the sort-of caged effect they have.  These obtuse forms are somehow held captive by these super delicate structures.  And on top of that, these frames can support the weight of the vase when turned on various angles in a kind-of magician’s levitation act.

Martín Azúa: website

Seen on: Yellowtrace