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Hello and thank you for visiting designgush.  My name is Jessica Smarsch and I’m a former NY designer now living in The Netherlands, pursuing a Masters degree in Social Design at Design Academy Eindhoven. What makes this blog different from other blogs?  Designgush features interviews with leading designers, trend, travel, color inspiration and more.  Designgush is curated to show what I believe to be the most forward, beautiful design being made today.

Before coming to The Netherlands, I studied Textile Design at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) and also worked in that field.  I love and make all kinds of art & design.  You can see all of  my work here at my website:

You can also contact me or submit your work for posting.  Please email:

A great way to see new posts and cool things other bloggers are posting is by “liking” the designgush facebook page.  Thanks again for visiting designgush.  You’re welcome back anytime.


4 Comments on “About • Contact • Submit”

  1. Germaine Murray says:

    looks great!

  2. alberto says:

    Very cool blog!

  3. Narendra Parmar says:

    Where from to know the prices and availability of products displayed here?

  4. maupado says:

    Excellent blog. Thank you, very much!

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