Nicolette Brunklaus: Oak Silk Lighting

Nicolette Brunklaus: Oak Silk Lighting / Sognsvann

Nicolette Brunklaus: Oak Silk Lighting Sognsvann & Abstract Gold

Combining ethereal, painterly strokes with fluid silk fabric, Nicolette Brunklaus creates functional lighting that draws upon one’s intuitive connection to nature and natural gestures. The two-dimensional landscapes take on three-dimensional forms, functioning as both literal & abstract representations while the diffused light, housed within, increases the association to our innate connection with sunlight and energy. This summation of parts communicates the serene feeling that these natural sources evoke.

From Nicolette Brunklaus: Designers love to employ beautiful fabrics to combine function and aesthetics in whimsical play. The Sognsvann lamp (Left) follows this creed by evoking a memory the designer had along Norway’s Lake Sognsvann. The fabric, what at first glance might appear to be an abstract bleed, is a scene of trees reflected in still water. Passersby provoke the glistening silk to lightly sway, creating an ebb and flow in the depicted waters. The light bulb that hangs behind the silk curtain could be mistaken for the moon as the viewer is slowly hypnotized by the lamp’s layered nuance. The Sognsvann lamp, made of Scandinavian Oakwood inspires the senses with its poetic efficacy and exceeds the boundaries of a fabric’s functional uses.

Nicolette Brunklaus: website via designerpages


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