Knife & Saw: The Bike Shelf

Knife & Saw: The Bike Shelf

Knife & Saw: The Bike Shelf

Knife & Saw: The Bike Shelf

Knife & Saw: The Bike Shelf

Knife & Saw: The Bike Shelf

Knife & Saw The Bike Shelf

An enhanced solution for wall-mounted bicycle storage, The Bike Shelf from Knife & Saw offers a way for urban dwellers with compact living quarters to neatly house and exhibit their bicycles. Doubling as a display for books or other such items, the shelf improves aesthetic and structural storage of the bicycle when it is not in use. Completing its visual composition once the bicycle is hooked in, The Bike Shelf’s cleverness is at its best when the dweller is home to enjoy it.

From Knife & Saw: While visiting many friends’ small apartments here in SF (and even more so in NY), I noticed that there is a void when it comes to elegant bike management. Bikes always get in the way; there never seems to be a place where they belong. So, I decided to design something to fix that problem. It’s called The Bike Shelf. Designed to easily install into wall studs for maximum strength, only leaving screw holes when gone.

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2 Comments on “Knife & Saw: The Bike Shelf”

  1. Reblogged this on Paprique Island and commented:
    the bike shelf can really save come room at home when you don’t want to park your thousand dollar bike outdoor. Plush you can put you book or tool on top of the shelf , it’s really user friendly

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