Designgush Styles: Brooklyn

Jay Roeder: Brooklyn

E for Effort: Loose Leaf

Anna Szczekutowicz: Photo

Made a Mano: Komon

Ditte Isager: Sunday Brunch for Copenhagen Food

Re-purposed Drawers via Shabby Charm

Ty Pennington Impressions: Wave in Gray

DIY Headboard via Trend Thing

Diego Ramos for The Chocolate Factory: Mr. Chocolate

Jessica Smarsch: Bicycle

Is there a Brooklyn style?

The word “hipster” has been a thorn in the respectable New Yorker’s side for years with associations of too-cool-for-school, over-exaggerated trends playing out in painfully ironic performances. But before the eye-rolling starts, there are signs that the hipster is starting to mature. Maybe it’s a good idea to take a look at why droves have fled the tiny island for a bit of the Brooklyn retreat.

There’s certainly a charm that wafts through the streets in the still-developing neighborhoods like Williamsburg where rents are spiking and hipsters are growing out of 4-in-the-morning binge drinking nights and into herbal morning teas and artisanal brunches.  Casual style is suitable in a world where the 9-5 office is deleted for the sporadic coffee house or the all-night studio space hours. And a surprising number of those folks are actually getting work done in this alternative to salary reviews and climbing-the-ladder mentality. If you want pretty, you’ll get it: never before has rustic charm been so prevalent in city life. Farm-to-table restaurants emphasize the desire and value in locally-sourced food where you might find  yourself sitting upon an overturned milk crate and drinking out of a re-purposed jelly jar as a charming young mother bikes her toddler around on the back of an old Schwinn and a moustached man, either resembling a woodsy lumberjack or a Prohibition barkeep, brings you a farm-fresh omelet or a 15-ingredient cocktail, respectively. The look is pared-down and modern, but still pretty rough around the edges with layers of New York grime peeking from behind corners of newly polished countertops and vintage wash basins. The mix of old and new paired with a designer’s touch ends in a somehow perfect romance where the enjoyment of living reigns as number one.

So love it or leave it. Brooklyn’s got style. Get cozy or go home.

Jay Roeder / E for EffortAnna Szczekutowicz / Made a Mano via basiclabelSweden / Ditte Isager / Shabby CharmTy Pennington Impressions / Trend Thing / Diego Ramos / Jessica Smarsch


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