Alexander Fitzpatrick: The Light Garden

Alexander Fitzpatrick: The Light Garden

Alexander Fitzpatrick: The Light Garden

From small clusters to entire walls, The Light Garden has infinite possibilities for constructing a customized lighting experience, two such examples seen above. Inspired by both natural and architectural elements, the modular system creates organic forms from structured elements shedding low-level or bright light into a room, depending on the number of elements. These are now on display at Sydney’s He Made She Made Gallery.

From Fitzpatrick: Natural form and poetic beauty was the inspiration for the Light Garden. The fitting is energy efficient as it is internally lit by LED lighting, giving the effect of light bursting through the fitting like the sun through the branches of the trees in a forest. The Light Garden allows you to create a custom experience limited only by your imagination. Whether you have one or one hundred fittings, the modular functionality allows you to create an organic and abstract pattern across a surface, allowing each installation to be come a completely unique piece. The personalised garden of light brings the essence of natural inspiration into the space.

Alexander Fitzpatrick: website via Yellowtrace


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