Giles Godwin Brown: Nepa Lamp

Giles Godwin Brown: Nepa Lamp

Giles Godwin Brown: Nepa Lamp

Giles Godwin Brown: Nepa Lamp

Giles Godwin Brown: Nepa Lamp

The Nepa Lamp, designed by Giles Godwin Brown, interprets the traditional task lamp form into a 2-dimensional, graphic drawing and then back into a 3-dimensional form creating a completely new identity from a familiar source. With cleverly hinging components, the lamp can stand flat against a wall, conserving precious space, or extend into the room. Certainly modern in concept and design, the Nepa Lamp uses minimal components, conserving materials and maintaining a pure concept.

From Brown: This is a two-dimensional lamp silhouette that seamlessly transforms into a fully functioning three-dimensional task lamp. Created utilising modern computer-controlled technologies coupled with conventional materials, the Nepa Lamp aspires to be the understated centerpiece to any room. Inspiration was taken from previous classics of the lighting industry combined with my fundamental design principles that require my products to be in their most simple form, whilst always ensuring this does not inhibit their intended function. The Nepa Lamp is made from birch plywood with stainless steel and aluminium detailing, it uses 12v to illuminate the high-powered LEDs. Standing about 6ft high, the lamp is wall mounted and uses friction hinges along with a pivot in the base to enable a full range movement.

Currently seeking a company or manufacturer to work with throughout the final development of the lamp as a commercial product.  Prospective partners, please contact Brown through his website (below).

Giles Godwin Brown: website


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