Simon Naouri for Triode Edition: Crease

Simon Naouri for Triode Edition: Crease

Simon Naouri for Triode Edition: Crease

The Crease lamp by Simon Naouri captures in porcelain what we only naturally see in cloth, thereby immortalizing an occurrence that is perhaps otherwise unappreciated. With the help of the leather cord, we are for a moment convinced by illusion of something we know to be impossible. With a child-like, magical sensibility we are allowed to believe that by unwrapping the cord, the porcelain will return to its natural, cylindrical shape. And it’s in that moment, before our adult reasoning steps in, that we understand what design adds to the human experience.

From Naouri: Crease is a simple and delicate porcelain lamp contrasting with complex industrial technology and manufacturing techniques. Its leather-wrapped electrical cable winds around a deformed porcelain tube to produce an object with delicate folds and warm lighting. (Translation thanks to Florence Deau, Flodeau Webzine)

Simon Naouri: website  Triode Design: website

Seen On: Flodeau


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