Goebel & Co: Cruz Stool

Goebel & Co: Cruz Stool

Goebel & Co: Cruz Stool

Goebel & Co: Cruz Stool

One of the driving principles at Goebel & Co is to simplify form and enhance function, using materials conservatively from zero-deforestation sources. Made entirely in America, the Cruz Stools nostalgically reference the somewhat iconic tractor seat, a staple in the American industrialization history. Mixing hand craft and digital technology, historic & modern tools fuse creating a pared down furniture piece with historic roots. As lifestyle trends towards the hand crafted grow, this simple and timeless piece aptly fits right in.

From Goebel & Co: The Cruz Stool contour is derived loosely from antique tractor seats. Utilizing 3 leg construction, our goal was to create the ultimate universal seat, small enough to be put in a closet, pretty enough to be left out. Use it around the living room for cocktails, as an extra seat at the kitchen table or a place to put on shoes. No need for the hostess to pull a seat in from the dining room.

Thanks to Martin Goebel for his submission to designgush.

Goebel & Co: website


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