Daniel Michalik: Plateau Wine Coasters & Massimo Stacking Plates

Daniel Michalik: Plateau Wine Coasters

Daniel Michalik: Massimo Stacking Plates

Made out of their East Williamsburg studio in Brooklyn, Michalik presents the Plateau Wine Coasters & and Massimo Stacking Plates made from sustainably farmed Portuguese cork. This renewable material is part of a virtually zero-waste industry. Items are food-safe, non toxic and dishwasher friendly.

From Michalik: Designed for high-end restaurants across the US, the Plateau wine coaster is now available for home use. Recycled from wine bottle stoppers, the material now has a second life that celebrates the presentation of your best bottles as well as protects the surface below from drips. The Massimo Stacking Plates are inspired by the Melamine plates designed by Massimo Vignelli. We have changed the material experience to one that is warm and soft, with color as a subtle accent. Now available with bright white stripes. (20 & 5 pc minimum, respectively)

For orders, go to the DMFD website or email


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