Eve Singer: Bracer & Gauntlet Cuff

Eve Singer: Bracer Cuff

Eve Singer: Gauntlet Cuff

Eve Singer is a NY native living and designing in San Francisco. She started her design career in textiles and now has her own line of unique jewelry pieces. The Bracer & Gauntlet Cuffs are hand pierced & riveted and made from copper, brass, and sterling details. Orders can be placed through her website, below.

From Singer: The pieces from this collection began with inspiration from an encyclopedia of armor that I found. I was drawn to armor of the late middle ages for its construction and design. I loved the large scale, the use of rivets for decoration & function, and the bold decorative elements. I was also inspired by my frequent visits to flea markets. This is where I discovered my love of the color combination of copper and brass.

Eve Singer: website


One Comment on “Eve Singer: Bracer & Gauntlet Cuff”

  1. This cuff is FIERCE – a real statement piece that will add an edgy twist to any outfit! Love this, I definitely want one!

    Brilliant recommendation, thanks so much & stay stylish,

    The Image Mistress, xoxo

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