Rafael Morgan Studio: Symbiosis Lamp

Rafael Morgan Studio: Symbiosis Lamp

Rafael Morgan Studio: Symbiosis Lamp

The Symbiosis Lamp gives off a diffused light through elastic fabric which doubles as a shade and an integral part of the stand, as the name suggests. Employing this technique turns many objects into functional light sources and therefore lets each person be a part of the design process. More from the designer below.

From Rafael Morgan Studio: The Symbiosis lamp has an internal spring action mechanism that allows it to functionally adapt to most kind of cylindrical recipients and objects. Covered by an elastic fabric cap, it also adapts aesthetically to those objects, creating a relationship between them. Two objects working as one. One cannot exist without the other. A design relationship with endless possibilities.

Thanks to Rafael Morgan for his submission to designgush.

Rafael Morgan Studio: website


One Comment on “Rafael Morgan Studio: Symbiosis Lamp”

  1. Thanks for publishing my work, Jessica. I really appreciate your support! Keep up the good work! Regards, Rafael Morgan.

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