Frozenplastic Studio: Recycled Plastic Amorph Lamp

Frozenplastic Studio: Recycled Plastic Amorph Lamp

As New Yorkers trudge through a confusing state of snow and sludge on this late October day, what better design to highlight than that from Frozenplastic Studio? Gathered from an Israeli recycling plant, the Amorph Lamps utilize a UV-protected polyethylene to create individually unique hanging pendant lights that appear to be frozen mid-production.

From Frozenplastic Studio: The plastic is free flowing but it is frozen by the designer’s decision. This combination of controlled actions and random movement creates unique contrasts between material and space, light and shadow. It is almost alive, an unfamiliar, intriguing creature that catches the eye from every angle and in any space.

Frozenplastic Studio: webshop

Seen on: designboom


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