Trend & Inspiration by designgush: NATURAL

Trend & Inspiration by designgush: NATURAL

NATURAL: Elements bring us back to nature or create the feeling of a natural environment. Colors are soft and forms are free in their wild state, raw. Technique appears hand-made or personally influenced. The pieces invite interaction and evoke comfort.

1. Laurent Corio for Secondome, Lampes Fioriness

2. TB & Ajkay, Silk Pleated Lamp

3. Study O Portable, Quartz Mirrors

4. Tokujin Yoshioka for Cassina, Heaven

5. CTRLZAK, CeramiX Art

6. Society, Linens

7. Susanne Feldt, Porcelain Bowl

8. One & Co for Council, 47

9. Campana Brothers for Alessi, Peneira Bowls

10. Pinch Design, Willo Coffee Table

designgush is created by Jessica Smarsch


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