Study O Portable: Quartz Mirrors

Study O Portable: Quartz Mirrors







Quartz Mirror from Study O Portable is a conceptual piece that plays with the significance of quartz and the familiarity of the mirror resulting in obtusely delicate wall pieces, each uniquely formed. Walking the line between art and design, the Quartz Mirrors ignore the omnipresence of mass production and radiate in their own individuality. More below.

From Study O Portable: Quartz crystal plays an essential role in a long list of media devices. Radio, record player, television, telephone, computer among many others all rely on the mechanical property of quartz crystals in the shape of crystal oscillators. With the effect that translates electricity into oscillation and back, it enables us to see ourselves through the objects we create. Quartz Mirror mimics the familiar form of mirror, using sliced, polished and silvered pieces of quartz, the unfamiliar yet prevalent basis for ways to duplicate and distribute images. It’s a reflection through a technological myth, suspended between two mirrors

Thanks to Study O Portable for their submission to designgush.

Study O Portable: website


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