Linus Dean: Artisan Rugs

Linus Dean: Paris Artisan Rug

Linus Dean: Melbourne Artisan Rug

Linus Dean: Boston Artisan Rug

Linus Dean: New York Artisan Rug

Linus Dean: Barcelona Artisan Rug

Linus Dean: London Artisan Rug

Linus Dean: San Diego Artisan Rug

Linus Dean: Chicago Artisan Rug

Using vintage typeface from the 1950s & ’60s, Linus Dean interprets his 12 years of graphic design experience into a new medium. Why they’re interesting to me? They’re identifiable as text, perhaps even nostalgic, yet they’re abstract through their composition, cropping, and potential scale. You can view some of Dean’s artwork here and see how his typographic treatment has evolved from his art to his rug design.

From Linus Dean: Linus’ vintage typography art isn’t limited to the printed page: it’s also woven through artisan rugs. Working with craftspeople in Tibet and Nepal, Linus has moved his innovative designs to plush three-dimensional form. The high-quality silk and wool rugs are designed in Sydney and handmade in Nepal, yielding an ideal blend of contemporary design and traditional craftsmanship.

Linus Dean: website

Seen on: Moco Loco


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