0 to 1: Star Table

0 to 1: Star Table

Star Table, made from bamboo and glass, is a study in form triangulation and light frame construction.  Storing flat, its four thin planes interlock to form a light, strong, stable base.  I spoke with Tamara Petrovic from 0 to 1 on the construction and design of this table.

J: I like that the table requires no hardware and still appears to be very sturdy.

T: Yes, the base is very sturdy.  The coffee table requires no hardware and supports a .5″ thick 30″ diameter glass table top.  The dining table supports a .5″ thick 48″ x 48″ glass table top and requires simple hardware.

J: Did you find that this final shape of the table was the most effective / supportive way to hold four base pieces together?

T: I began the project by thinking about how I could use thin or delicate materials to create a strong table base.  My interest in geometry lead me to triangles and I started looking at octahedral frames. As I was experimenting with different geometries this table emerged.

J: Were there other influences in your exploration that resulted in this final shape?

T: During the design process I keep in mind sustainable materials and production techniques.  I make choices keeping in mind which of these are accessible to us, a small design studio in New York City.  I also think about how these choices will effect the cost of the final product.

J: 0 to 1 states that the company believes in “socially responsible design that improves quality of life”.  What compromises or unforeseen benefits resulted from your design choices when you designed this table and tried to uphold these principles?

T: In keeping with our commitment to sustainable design we chose a natural water based paint for the table edges, however the paint was not the best choice for the bright, smooth, high gloss finish we were aiming for.  We are now experimenting with different edge finishes which will hopefully result in an interesting solution.  When we make the table available for sale we will probably offer the base only and suggest that the glass tops be purchased at local thrift stores.  I think it will be interesting to see how people complete the table, each in their own way.  The story will be complete once the table is in use. Then we can see what the benefits may be.

Thank you to 0 to 1 for their submission to designgush.

0 to 1: website


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