Tjeerd de Jong: Slideshow

Tjeerd de Jong: Slideshow

Tjeerd de Jong: Slideshow

The wonderful thing about lighting is that it not only completes the purpose of providing light, but can also create moods, atmospheres and experiences.  Slideshow‘s random positioning of light/dark slides reminds me of the Manhattan skyline, office buildings with lit/unlit windows, evidence of life & activity or lack thereof. Its size makes it feel very globe-like and so, commands attention and its radiating projections mimic the rippling effect of water after sinking a tossed pebble.  In these many ways, I love how de Jong’s design captures the awe-inspiring wonders of both our natural & man-made world and therefore creates an atmosphere that feels exciting yet relaxing at the same time.  More from the designer here.

From de Jong: The design process of this graduation project began with a collection of unused slides. The aim was to get to the essence of the product and relive the old-time atmosphere & nostalgic feeling by making a light-object that projects within an entire space.  The concept of this light-object is based on telling a story like in a old-fashioned slideshow.  Each of the 2016 frames contains a picture from my own archive, [those which] made me into the designer I am now. The black slides represent the future and form a silhouette on the wall, summarizing the story.

Tjeerd de Jong: website  Made at: HKU (Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht)

Seen on: Moco Loco


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