David Trubridge: Coral & Floral Kitset Lighting

David Trubridge: Coral (Red & Lime)

David Trubridge: Coral (Aqua & Yellow)

David Trubridge: Floral

David Trubridge: Floral

David Trubridge: Kitset Packagin

I personally believe that humans have a natural connection to patterns as we are made of, live in, and exist because of systems that function in consistent & repetitive ways.  Made of bamboo plywood, these designs by David Trubrudge mimic nature’s repetitive systems.  Coral and Floral are inspired by natural structures and cast wonderful patterning when illuminated.  Trubridge also strives to design for sustainable living.  “I would like to find a way to bring cultural nourishment into people’s lives without using up precious resources and energy.”  On his kitset: “Every piece is identical, making home assembly easy.   Our kitsets significantly reduce freighting, which is one of our ways of doing what we can to help preserve our beautiful sea and land environments.”

David Trubridge: website


One Comment on “David Trubridge: Coral & Floral Kitset Lighting”

  1. […] delle sue creazioni, propone interessanti opzioni per la scelta dei lampadari, come Floral o Coral, sospensioni dalla forma sferica di legno intagliato, in modo che le lamelle creino nel primo caso […]

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