One & Co for Council: 47

One & Co for Council: 47

One & Co for Council: 47

One & Co for Council: 47

I am very excited to see that my favorite table now has a family.  It all started with the original Periodic Table from the same designers which you can see here.  I estimate by the looks of this block of beautiful silver fir that it is approximately 1/8 the size of the original which presumably means 1/8 the price which means there’s a chance of owning this little chunk of heaven after all.  I love this and to anyone reading this and wondering, my birthday is April 21.  I throw a good dinner party and gifts purchased by the pooling together of many attendants is never frowned upon by this host.  More on this table below.

From Council: The scars, cracks, and knots from a block of decades-old reclaimed douglas fir play in contrast to the layer of brilliant silver that coats it. The 47 Table’s name is derived from the atomic number of silver and the height of the piece in centimeters.

One & Co: website  Council: Website


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