Trend & Inspiration by designgush: TECHNIQUE

Trend & Inspiration by designgush: TECHNIQUE

TECHNIQUE: Technical innovation defines the object.  Repetition of technique creates form.  Shapes are both organic & structured in a naturally functioning harmony.

1. Alissia Melka Teichroew of byAMT, Jointed Jewels

2. Claire Anne O’Brien, Knitted Stools

3. Tuukka Halonen for Skandium, Pilke

4. Stephen Burks of Readymade Projects, Patchwork Missoni Vase

5. Crafted Systems for Ford & Ching, Teardrop Vases

6. Pudelskern for M+L Lichttechnik, Morsetable

7. Anne Kyyrö Quinn, Felt Wallcovering

8. Marisa Fick-Jordaan for Zenzulu, Wrapped Basket Bowl

designgush is created by Jessica Smarsch


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