One & Co for Council: Periodic Table

One & Co for Council: Periodic Table

This is one of my all-time favorite designs, a feeling which is probably heightened by the fact that I know I will probably never have the good fortune of owning it.  It looks like wood, but it looks like silver, but it looks like wood, but…  it’s genius.  I saw this table at ICFF in 2009 and fell in love.  I made collages of what my living room would look like with this beauty stuck in the middle.  Later I read in I.D. magazine that it was $42,000.  Well, let’s just say that that is, sadly, slightly outside of my budget.  Details on this table below.

From Council: Superficial or authentic? This striking piece puts equal emphasis on surface and substance. Using a proprietary process, a massive block of reclaimed douglas fir is coated with a brilliant layer of silver, resulting in a piece whose stunning surface does nothing to hide the individuality and character of the wood beneath.

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  1. […] It all started with the original Periodic Table from the same designers which you can see here.  I estimate by the looks of this block of beautiful silver fir that it is approximately 1/8 the […]

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